I recently moved from one social bookmarking service (delicious) to another (Diigo) and was pleasantly surprised how painless and worthwhile an exercise this was. So here’s some notes on why and how you might want to move too…

Delicious has been around a while now, which means it’s well known and has lots of users. But I find its’ interface basic and at times frustrating, so have been looking for a suitable alternative for a while. Enter Diigo, a service with similar features to delicious, but with an interface that feels like a breath of fresh air. It also has a couple of extra features of real use to me as a Netskills trainer.

Like any self-respecting social bookmarking tool, Diigo offers tagging, RSS feeds for just about everything, public and private posts, a range of widgets and a Firefox extension – but so does delicious, so what’s new?

Groups: Create an invite only group for team working or join a public group of likeminded individuals

Highlighting & annotation: Don’t just bookmark a page, but specific bits of it – and add annotations that can be private, shared to a group, or public.

Ordered Lists: At last, the ability to drag & drop bookmarks for display your in the order you want, not just the date you added them (0r by using some complicated naming & tagging conventions).

Web slides: A built in app for demonstrating  sites – simple, but useful to us trainers.

Import/export for IE/Firefox: Create a bookmark file to import back into your browser, or someone else’s.

Feel free to have a look around my Diigo bookmarks and those of some of my colleagues at Netskills.

If I’ve convinced you to give Diigo a try, getting your bookmarks into it from somewhere else is pretty simple. It supports import from delicious and other bookmarking services, as well as from a file.

If you want to edge your bets for a while longer, the Firefox extension lets you post to several bookmarking services simulataneously. That’s what I’m doing, but only until those poor delicious users realise that the grass really is greener over here 😉

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