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Ever wanted to have your speakers notes on screen, but your nice image-rich, bullet-free slides on the projector? Here’s a quick HowTo on setting up PowerPoint to use multiple displays using the built in Presenter View.

I’m assuming PowerPoint users are on laptop PCs, so you lucky Keynote users may have to find your own way to do this!

First, you need to set your computer to use an Extended Display as follows.

  • Right-click on the desktop and select Properties.
  • On the Settings tab click the monitor ‘2’
  • Check the “Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor” box
  • Click OK to save your settings


Now go to PowerPoint and do the following:

  • Select SlideShow > Set Up Show
  • Under Multiple Monitors select Display slide show on Monitor 2
  • Check Show Presenter View
  • Click OK to save your settings

Open your slideshow and you should now see a “Presenter View” onscreen (as below) and your slides on the projector.


photo credit: ReubenInStt via Flickr

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