I’ve been asked to present a ‘webinar’ on the web2practice project for JISC RSC Eastern in December and have been thinking about how best to present to a remote audience. As someone who’s often in the remote audience for events, I’m aware of how difficult it can be to engage and maintain people’s interest. So, as this will be my first attempt to present to a purely remote audience, I’m hoping for some advice from those who give and receive presentations.

As I commented in a post on Powerpoint on UK web focus, I think engagement is the key issue for a remote audience. Looking at engagement stats for videos of some of my presentations, many more people hit stop within 5mins than have ever walked out of a live presentation (although maybe they’re just too polite!) .

So, how do I keep remote participants interested?

Here’s a rough outline of how I plan to approach this:

  • Keep it short (10 mins)
  • Use a very visual slidedeck (more images, less text)
  • One point per slide (more slides, less time on each)
  • Pre-record it (for rehersal, as a backup & to publish)
  • Have spare equipment (PCs, webcams, mics…)
  • Present as if I had an audience (rather than sat at my desk)
  • Ensure demonstrations are well-rehearsed
  • Recruit someone else to monitor the official & back-channels

Anything else you’d recommend?

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