This is a slidecast produced for participants in an online training session on podcasting for JISC RSC-NW. The idea is to give participants the opportunity to come up with ideas for what formats and approaches would work for their podcast before the event, so that the time online can focus on the practicalities of producing a podcast. Following that, we hope they’ll put this into practice to produce and publish a podcast to encourage review and discussion with others.

Practical Support

If you have any questions about producing your podcast, please add them to the comments below. We will monitor this post and respond as soon as possible. This will also give other participants the chance to learn from your questions and perhaps by answering them. To help with this, you may wish to ‘subscribe to follow up comments’ which will send you email notification when we reply or another comment is made.

If you have questions that you’d prefer not to share with the group, please email me at the address provided in your joining instructions for the session.

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