This is the first post in what I intend to be a weekly series on things I’ve seen, liked and learned something from in the last week or so. While this is mainly an exercise in personal reflection, I’m hoping that a bit of a narrative and a few links might make them useful to others too.

Hat tips: The idea is shamelessly derived from the much more considered approach of weeknotes, the implementation of that by Matt Jukes mixed in with a bit of the  ‘what I learned this week’ posts of Doug Belshaw.

Top notch portable microphone for £30

£30 gets you an excellent Samson OK Go portable USB condensor microphone small enough to  clip onto your laptop. Thanks to Gavin from JISC digital media for letting me try it out and for blogging their thoughts on it. Hear all about it from the man himself…


Mapping the UK Soundscape

The British library have a project mapping UK soundscapes through audioboo, starting with my old home town of Sheffield. Looking forward to contributing to making Sheffield sound good next time I’m back there.

UK Sound Map

HTML Audio Player

HTML5 has got a lot of press for video, so it’s nice to see – or rather hear – about an HTML5 audio player. It’s a jQuery plugin that gives you an embedded HTML audio player that you can style with CSS.

Project Canvas approved by the BBC trust

Project Canvas aims to bring video-on-demand to Freeview and Freesat using open standards, as well as access to a range of  internet services like facebook and gmail (at least that’s what the design mockups show).

YouTube renders text transcripts as interactive captions

Unlike the closed captions that are simply overlaid on the video, these are interactive in the sense that you can use the text as links to navigate through videos. I did a Screenr video showing interactive captions in action. YouTube also has an vuvuzela button – feel free to blow it while watching!


JISC are hosting an Open Education Resources showcase which boasts an impressive programme, but in terms of hashtags has perhaps been upstaged by the fringe event #FUKOER

When things only just work

In upgrading to iOS4 I found a bit of small print that said iTunes (on Windows Vista) was forged by Lucifer himself and produces error messages written in blood. I wrote an email to Steve Jobs about it, but he just told me not to use my left hand. Jobs’ a good ‘un!

Innovation in Education

To finish on a more positive note, here’s a TED talk from Charles Leadbeater talking about innovation in education outside of traditional contexts and institutions.

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