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Put that in your Yahoo pipe and smoke it!

I’m no web programmer (I don’t even have a beard), but I do appreciate the clever things they do that with a little hacking can make me look clever too! From JavaScript libraries to netvibes widgets and open-source Flash video players>, you can go a long way without really programming. But when recently I needed to aggregate some RSS feeds, then filter, truncate and modify them, I thought I was in for some long nights of coding. That’s until I found out how easy this stuff is with Yahoo Pipes


Presenting student videos in iTunes coverflow

A key aim of our virtual open day project was to present video profiles of students in an engaging and informal way. I’d seen a couple of sites using an iTunes-esque coverflow to do this, but assumed this would need some pretty intense Flash coding. Turns out that it does, but luckily someone else has already done it and shared it with the world, so all you need is a text editor and about 5 minutes.