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Tag: AR

Google Glass Guinea Pigs – volunteering as research participants

It didn’t take much to persuade m eto sign up as participants in a research study that gives them the change to try out Google Glass. In this post, I explain why I was keen to volunteer and try to justify that it wasn’t just about being paid for eating!


More natural AR – the gloves and glasses are off

Report on the seminar ‘Reality Remixed: Augmented Reality without Gloves and Glasses’ in which David Kim presented recent advances in augmented reality sensing and display technologies developed at Microsoft Research that aim to make AR interactions more natural.


Linking the physical to digital

Presentation on linking the physical to digital with QR codes, augmented reality and NFC from the event Emerging Technology for Learning. Outlines simple ways to link physical objects to digital resources and considers the importance of the user experience when doing so in education. The talk was followed by a set of practical activities investigating the use of these technologies and a discussion around designing effective educational experiences with them.


Simple Augmented Reality with Aurasma

Mobile augmented reality is a rapidly emerging technology that allows a camera view of the real world to be augmented by overlaying it with information from the virtual. There are lots of apps that let you consume AR, but creating AR can still be pretty technical. The new Aurasma app lets you create some simple AR-type stuff by linking media to images using only your phone.