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Commons in a Box

A review of Commons in a Box – the free, easy-to-install package that turns WordPress into a powerful community site. These are my reflections on installing and testing it and what I think it could offer education.


Cloning a large WordPress multisite network for local development

Using XAMPP and Apache virtual hosts to allow local clones of WordPress sites and sub-domains to be accessed via the live site URL, meaning less need to faff about with database & config changes.


Mobilising WordPress

While WordPress offers a pretty good mobile experience, a few tweaks can make it better for both publishers and readers. In a workshop at IWMW12, I presented some approaches to Mobilising WordPress through plugins, adding a separate mobile theme, changing to a responsive theme and ‘responsifying’ your current theme. This post considers each of these and some resources and tools that can make them easier to implement.


Sweet child of mine

There are lots of great WordPress themes out there, but I always find something I’d like to change. Being open source, that’s pretty easy to do with a bit of CSS, HTML and PHP. However, when a theme is updated by the author, you risk loosing your hand-crafted customisation. That’s where child themes come in. They offer a simple, but flexible way to create a customised theme that inherits the style and function of it’s parent, but can be customised independently. And as any parent knows, their kids are always way cooler than their parents šŸ˜‰

Read more... – bundles of fun (well, links)

To support a screencasting workshop I ran for Newcastle University library I wanted participants to explore and evaluate a range of screencasts. As this as a custom course, I had a bit of freedom to consider the alternatives to a page on our site. I looked at using delicious with custom tags and a diigo list, but neither offered quite what I wanted – something quick, simple, that I already used, that didn’t need registration and looked stylish. Enter bundles.


Remote podcasting training in elluminate

This posts reflects on the first full-day Netskills workshop run entirely online through Elluminate. This was a podcasting workshop adapted from an existing face-to-face event covering planning, production and publishing. In moving this course online, I wanted to provide the same practical learning experience and meet the same outcomes. This post describes how the online event was structured and supported and highlights where remote training required a significantly different approach.


Simple Augmented Reality with Aurasma

Mobile augmented reality is a rapidly emerging technology that allows a camera view of the real world to be augmented by overlaying it with information from the virtual. There are lots of apps that let you consume AR, but creating AR can still be pretty technical. The new Aurasma app lets you create some simple AR-type stuff by linking media to images using only your phone.


WordPress excerpts, featured images and <more>

How to customise a WordPress blog to show more of your posts on the front page using the more tag, manual excerpts and featured images. Shows how simple changes to a standard theme can make significant changes to how a blog is presented.


Weeknote 04

Weeknote 04 – things I’ve read, watched, done and thought about over the last week. Includes building mobile websites, the Internet of Things, Lanyrd, the CETIS conference and planning a Netskills seminar series.


Big Blue Button

BigBlueButton is a free, open source web conferencing system that allows remote presentation with slides, audio, video,Ā chat and desktop-sharing. The developers vision for this is to make starting a web conference as easy as clicking a singleĀ metaphorical big blue button. While that was certainly my experience with their public demonstration, I wanted to go a bit further an try self-hostingĀ an install, so this post will touch on the hosting and management aspects, as well as the user-experience.