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Farewell Jisc, goodbye Netskills and hello Newcastle.

For the last 14 years, almost to the day, I’ve worked at Netskills, helping people understand how to use technology in education. On Monday though, I start a new job helping Newcastle University make our research open access. This post is part announcement mixed with a bit of reminiscence before I move on and start to think (and blog) about new things.


Visitors and Residents at the Jisc Digital Festival

I was at the Jisc Digital Festival last week to help run a workshop based around the new Visitors and Residents resources we’ve developed with Dave White of the University of Oxford. If you missed that, you can find out all about them here.


Moving and merging blogs the smart way

In supporting the Jisc involve service, Steve was given the challenge of merging two well-established Jisc blogs into one without annoying readers and losing subscribers. In this post he explains how we went about doing this.


Why JISC projects should blog

Most JISC programmes require the projects they fund to setup a blog. However, it isn’t always clear to projects why this a good idea and how it will help them, the programme and the community. To help address this, we’re looking to produce a guide to blogging for JISC projects. I first want to address the ‘why?’ so that hopefully the ‘how?’ will become a little easier. I’ve summarised my initial thoughts on this here , but would welcome any that you have, so please leave a comment or get in touch.


Get with the programme

I was recently tasked with setting up a community site for the JISC Greening ICT programme. Setting aside for now the rather tricky issue of ‘if you build it, they will come’, this post looks at the requirements for this site and the practicalities of using BuddyPress to provide it


weeknote 03

Weeknote 03 – things I’ve read, watched, done and thought about over the last week. Includes a new web2practice guide to QR codes, supporting the JISC Greening ICT programme, community sites, realtime collaboration in Google Docs, events and the JISC Innovation Forum 2010


It’s All Geek to Me

My lightning talk at JISC dev8D on how developers in the JISC community can communicate with a broad, non-technical audience. Whilst most of the points I make are common sense, being asked to talk about this at dev8D implies that there is still something of a communication problem between the developers of a system and it’s end-users, so it doesn’t hurt to remind ourselves of the obvious occasionally.