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Tag: Social media

Information services and social media

As part of a session at the UCISA event ‘Using Social Media to Communicate’ I facilitated a task designed to explore attitudes to the use of social media by information services. Participants were asked to write comments about what information services should/shouldn’t do with social media and position them along a line of preference. The opinions expressed are presented here in the hope that they might be of use to services (re)considering their use of social media.


Why JISC projects should blog

Most JISC programmes require the projects they fund to setup a blog. However, it isn’t always clear to projects why this a good idea and how it will help them, the programme and the community. To help address this, we’re looking to produce a guide to blogging for JISC projects. I first want to address the ‘why?’ so that hopefully the ‘how?’ will become a little easier. I’ve summarised my initial thoughts on this here , but would welcome any that you have, so please leave a comment or get in touch.


Clay Shirky on the power of social media

Interesting TED talk from Clay Shirky on how media has changed to social media and the impact of that on citizens, institutions and government.


Twitter badge without @replies

I was looking for a way to display my tweets elsewhere on the web – such as on the sidebar of this blog. However, I wasn’t happy with the standard Twitter badge, which mixes tweets on ‘What I’m doing’ with ‘@replies’ intended for individuals. Don’t get me wrong, I value @replies, I just didn’t want them on my badge. If you don’t either, here’s how to filter them out using an RSS feed and Yahoo Pipes.