Review of Think Bingo

In the context of online casino and bingo websites, pink seems to exist in two versions. On the one hand, there is a gaudy, bold pink that seems rather cheap and trashy. On the other hand, there is a more immaculate pink that has been polished and trimmed. Fortunately, from our perspective, Think Bingo is the latter.

The color itself is quite mysterious. Consider films such as Legally Blonde and other cinematic and cultural icons to illustrate the notion of pink as ‘girly.’ And yet, pink is now one of the most popular colors; only recently, we noticed a man with a macho appearance wearing pink sneakers and a pink iPhone 7 while hanging out on a street corner. Pink embellishments have long been a popular choice for men’s apparel businesses.

As a result, despite the fact that our cultural legacy in the West may lead you to believe that pink symbolizes femininity, this is something we have learnt rather than something hardwired into our systems, and it is no longer important. In this case, it also makes for a fairly stunning landing page and overall website design, particularly when paired with midnight blues and purples, a move that we believe visually lifts Think Bingo beyond many of its rivals. Congratulations, then.

Deviating From Standard

Aside from that, this is one of the few homepages we’ve seen that deviates from the norm. So, despite the fact that at the top of the page you will find the brand, a short row of menu links – Home, Bingo, Games, Promotions – and a static section announcing that the website offers ‘Amazing jackpots every six minutes!’ (certainly something to brag about), things become a bit more interesting as you scroll down the page.

Initially, there is a ticker that displays user names and recent wins. Okay, so this is not exactly ground-breaking, but there is an interactive Bingo table below this. Therefore, the first table shown discloses the prizes available in the Free Bingo rooms. When we tried the site, the jackpots reached a maximum of £250, which isn’t terrible if you haven’t really wagered any money on the game.

Additionally, there are tabs for the games 90-Ball, 75-Ball, Jackpots, Bingo Party, 5K Eggcellent, and 2K Sunnyside. It is unclear why there are egg references, and we will address each separately, but at least the website’s offerings are apparent at a glance. And this continues further down the page, as you are then presented with a selection of Featured Games, which are essentially a blend of slots and other quick win games, further demonstrating that this website offers more than just bingo.

Ways to Play

You may believe that there is no need for a separate bingo section of the site prior to logging in, considering that Think Bingo provides an entire interactive table detailing the many types of bingo offered. Well, you’re wrong, children. When you choose the bingo option from the menu at the top of the website, you are sent to what seems to be just the aforementioned bingo table. And it is, only this time with a specific How To Play section. Each version of the bingo formula has its own section describing the ins and outs, with more than a poor typeface to recommend it. Certainly superior than what we have seen elsewhere.

Other Games Available

If you then click on the Games option in the top row of the menu, you will be led to a selection of slots, and by selection we mean a vast range. This is wonderful for those who want more than simply bingo, and it assures that this site will be more popular than the majority of its rivals.

Overall, the slots are of a very high, contemporary quality and should appeal to even the most seasoned slot players (if that’s even a term in this context). Far superior than the typical “digital pub” cuisine we were served for years when internet gaming first emerged.

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